What Are the Benefits of Upscale Addiction Treatment Centers?TreatmentWhat Are the Benefits of Upscale Addiction Treatment Centers?

What Are the Benefits of Upscale Addiction Treatment Centers?

Choosing to get help for addiction takes courage and strength. Many clients worry about what type of program they should choose and whether they will feel comfortable during their treatment. With an upscale addiction treatment center, you will quickly feel at ease, not only because of the amenities and the therapies but because of the staff members and the location.


Choosing to get help takes a great deal of courage, especially if you choose a residential where you have to step away from your daily life and reside full-time at a treatment center. In these situations, many clients are apprehensive about what to expect, whether it will feel foreign to them, and whether they’ll be able to relax and focus on their recovery in a new environment. With an upscale treatment center, you get the opportunity to feel more relaxed.

Upscale drug rehab alleviates these fears by providing a comfortable setting that, for many clients, feels just like home. When you visit an upscale treatment center, you’ll recognize the small, subtle signs of comfort that set upscale drug rehab apart, like:

  • Oversized, comfortable chairs and couches
  • Fluffy pillows
  • Large windows with calming views
  • Indoor plants and ample lighting
  • Comfortable dining areas
  • Relaxing beds with large comforters and pillows
  • Private spaces for journaling


Upscale addiction treatment specializes in amenities that put you at ease and make you so comfortable you are able to focus on nothing but your recovery. 

Different facilities will offer private or double occupancy rooms, catered meals, comfortable living spaces, recreation rooms, outdoor walking paths, athletic programs, and fitness centers. 

Upscale addiction treatment facilities typically have a handful of outdoor amenities, including wilderness adventure therapy programs where you can go on hikes or outdoor adventures both onsite and offsite. Other upscale addiction treatment centers specialize in things like yoga, tennis courts, swimming pools, meditation zen walking paths, or horseback riding. 

After drug and alcohol rehab, there is still an ongoing recovery process. Recovery takes a lifetime, and during that lifetime, it’s essential to have skills that can be relied upon when triggered or stressed. 

Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and other holistic amenities at upscale addiction treatment centers are some of the few treatment modalities offered at drug and alcohol rehab centers that you can continue long after you leave your recovery program. While things like individual psychotherapy might not be readily available within your community or free of charge, yoga can be found just about anywhere, with many classes offered for free online, in person, and at community centers.

This means it is a tool you can return to when encountering triggers or stress in your everyday life. If you get overwhelmed, the skills and techniques you learn can be replicated at home or in the office, with light stretching or focusing on your breathing. 


Upscale drug rehab can bring better quality care. This is typically because the higher costs of treatment directly correspond to higher quality professionals leading different therapy sessions. 

In addition to better quality, you can expect a wider range of treatment modalities with upscale addiction treatment. Many facilities specialize in complementary, holistic treatments like yoga, mindfulness, art therapy, meditation, and music therapy. 

Specific Programs

Another important aspect of upscale treatment centers is that they typically provide specific programs for gender, career, sexual orientation, or trauma.

Each person who comes to a rehab center for treatment is experiencing struggles and applying great courage toward getting help. Some aspects of the struggles or issues you might face have a level of universality. For example, you might find solace in a group therapy session where another client shares the way they feel they have disappointed their loved ones. Group sessions give insight, help you grow confidence, and identify ongoing goals for your sobriety. 

If you are uncomfortable with a particular group, perhaps because of past trauma, or you want to remove the fear of stigma or misunderstandings, you can find group sessions that are tailored to specific demographics like:

  • Gender
  • Career
  • Trauma


The staff often go hand in hand with the care you receive. With upscale treatment centers, staff members are heavily invested in supporting your recovery. Many staff members are trained in specialty services like trauma-centered care.


Often tied directly to the amenities, an upscale treatment center is usually located in a secluded, natural environment. By extricating yourself from your daily environment and stepping away from the city and into natural beauty, your mind and body are in a better place to focus on recovery.

Some upscale addiction treatment centers are located:

  • On the beach
  • In the woods
  • In the mountains
  • In the desert

You can find a facility that works best for you, given the type of location you prefer as well as the size of the facility, how big the grounds are, how many other clients are receiving treatment, and what amenities are offered.

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