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Unfortunately, as in many other states, drug overdoses and drug-related deaths have risen in Georgia. According to data from the Georgia Department of Public Health, drug overdose deaths increased by nearly 62 percent from 2019 to 2021. Opioids and fentanyl, in particular, seem to be driving the increases. From 2019 to 2021, overdose deaths related to fentanyl increased by more than 232 percent in Georgia. Stimulant-related deaths have also been on the rise. In 2021, almost half of all overdose deaths involving opioids included a stimulant.

Along with opioids and stimulants, alcohol and other substances cause health problems and mortality in Georgia.

For anyone who’s looking for a Georgia drug and alcohol rehab center, Centric Behavioral Health has convenient locations nearby in both Florida and Tennessee, as well as nationwide facilities. Contact us today to learn more about our top-rated addiction treatment centers near you.

Treatment Options

Our world-class programs offer evidence-based treatment for substance abuse, dual-diagnosis and mental health conditions in boutique environments. From our expertly trained staff to our individualized treatment planning, when you choose one of our facilities you can trust you are in good hands.

We work with most major insurance carriers.

Centric Behavioral Health facilities work with most major health insurance carriers in order to provide effective, accessible treatment options for substance abuse and mental health.

Why Should You Travel for Rehab?

If you’re looking for drug rehab in Georgia, there are some benefits of leaving your hometown and potentially your state to receive care.

First, your home environment includes many triggers and situations that could be difficult in the early days of treatment and recovery. When you travel out of town or state for treatment, you can start mentally and physically fresh. You can remove yourself from the people, places, and things that remind you of drug or alcohol use. This separation can benefit your mental health as you begin your treatment journey.

We encourage you to consider the nearby programs available from Centric Behavioral Health if you’re looking for addiction treatment in Georgia.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Georgia: What to Expect

Whether you ultimately receive treatment at a Georgia drug and alcohol rehab center or a facility in another state, some of the things you can expect as steps toward recovery include:

Every person is unique, and their physical and mental health needs aren’t identical to anyone else’s or their addiction treatment needs. When you first arrive at a rehab facility, your treatment team needs to learn about your physical and mental health.

This can happen during an intake assessment.

If you have undiagnosed mental health disorders or disorders like depression or bipolar that you’ve already been diagnosed with, the intake team can learn more about these to provide you with the best treatment plan.  

The intake team will also learn about your substance use history to ensure your treatment plan is entirely personalized.

When someone uses drugs or alcohol for some time, dependence may occur. Drug or alcohol dependence means that your brain and body are used to the presence of a substance to function “normally.”

As you stop using that substance, withdrawal symptoms may occur. Withdrawal symptoms can range in severity and be life-threatening in the most serious instances.

Going through withdrawal is uncomfortable and emotionally challenging, but a medical detox can ease some of the physical and mental stress you experience during this time.

During medical detox, clients receive around-the-clock medical care. Medications can help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and drug or alcohol cravings.

Then, once you complete a medical detox, you can begin your next phase of treatment.

Residential rehab is also known as inpatient rehab. These programs offer support and supervision, with full-day therapeutic programs. The environment is safe, substance-free, and relaxing.  

Residential rehab, whether at a Georgia drug and alcohol rehab center or elsewhere, allows clients to focus exclusively on their treatment. Clients participate in individual and group therapy sessions throughout the day, and there’s constant access to addiction treatment professionals.

Partial hospitalization programs combine elements of inpatient, residential treatment with outpatient care. There’s more flexibility with a partial hospitalization program, but therapeutic schedules during the day are intensive for clients.

During a partial hospitalization program, most people will participate in treatment all day, lasting between six and eight hours. Partial hospitalization programs usually include therapy sessions five days a week.

An intensive outpatient program can be part of a continuum of care, as someone who’s completed higher levels of care is ready for more flexibility and accountability. Some people will also begin treatment with intensive outpatient programs if they aren’t able to go to a residential program or have a milder addiction.

Intensive outpatient programs often focus on group sessions, so a strong sense of social support and connection exists.

IOP programs are also educational, with an emphasis on understanding the effects of addiction and how to overcome challenges in recovery.

An outpatient program, whether at a drug rehab in Georgia or elsewhere, gives the most flexibility to clients. You can continue to live and work as you would normally, but you also check in with your treatment team regularly.

When someone’s in outpatient treatment, they learn how to use coping skills in real-world situations. Clients begin exploring what a drug and alcohol-free life will look like, but with continued support. 

Sober living homes are a good transitional environment for people beginning their lifelong recovery. Sober living is a safe and supportive environment where you can begin to live, work and build your new life in recovery.

Centric Behavioral Health offers all the above programs at our Tennessee, Florida, and New Jersey treatment centers. Centric Behavioral Health is also expanding nationwide.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Georgia

Does Insurance Cover Substance Abuse Treatment in Georgia?

If you’re searching for a Georgia drug and alcohol rehab center or one in a nearby state but are worried about the cost, many options are available. First and foremost, your insurance may cover some or all of the cost of treatment.

Contact Centric Behavioral Health, and our admissions team can verify your insurance coverage and help you figure out everything related to paying for life-saving addiction treatment.

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