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What Exactly is Detoxification?

Detoxification is a common recommendation for those who are interested in stopping their use of alcohol and drugs. Detox programs provide you with medical supervision and support that can help you move through the discomforts that come with withdrawal. Detoxing can be an uncomfortable, painful, and dangerous process which is why it is strongly recommended that you do not stop using cold turkey or without medical assistance.

Drug or alcohol detox can occur in a hospital setting or in an inpatient rehab facility. In either location, you will be provided with 24/7 medical supervision and support. This can include the use of comfort medications to ease the symptoms and discomforts you are experiencing. Withdrawal symptoms can contribute to relapsing for individuals who do not receive the support needed at this time.

Drug detox will vary in length and be dependent on your needs. Detox programs can vary from four to fourteen days. Some substances, such as alcohol and benzodiazepines, do have known health risks during the withdrawal process. If you are on medication for other mental health or physical health conditions, your stay in a detoxification program may be extended to ensure that you are prepared to leave.

Our top-rated drug detox centers near you can provide you with addiction treatment, including group therapy, educational groups, and process group therapy. Before you complete your detox program, your counselors will work with you to develop an aftercare plan that can be used to support you in your recovery. This can include continuing with an inpatient or outpatient treatment provider in your area.

Treatment Options

Our world-class programs offer evidence-based treatment for substance abuse, dual-diagnosis and mental health conditions in boutique environments. From our expertly trained staff to our individualized treatment planning, when you choose one of our facilities you can trust you are in good hands.

We work with most major insurance carriers.

Centric Behavioral Health facilities work with most major health insurance carriers in order to provide effective, accessible treatment options for substance abuse and mental health.

How Do I Know if I Need Medical Detox?

If you have been considering addiction treatment services near you, you may be wondering when you should go. As mentioned above, it is not recommended that you stop using on your own. This means that you can talk to a drug detox center near you to plan your detox admission or speak with an ambulatory detox provider to see if it would be safe for you to detox on an outpatient basis. 

Detox is an appropriate and often necessary step for individuals who have developed a physical dependency on drugs or alcohol. This means that their body and brain have changed the way it works to expect drugs or alcohol to be present in their body.

It is important to note that individuals who are prescribed controlled substances can be physically dependent on their medication without developing an addiction. Individuals in this situation would still need medical detoxification to stop using their medication.

Signs and symptoms associated with physical dependence include:

Individuals who are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction can experience a range of physical and mental health symptoms. This can include:

How Can a Medical Detox Support My Recovery?

Many wonder what the benefits are of attending a drug detox center near you. There are many! The most important benefit is that you will have medical supervision around the clock. Medical professionals will monitor your vitals and other symptoms to ensure that you are safely moving through the withdrawal process. Additionally, when you participate in medical, supervised drug detox, your doctors will work with you to provide you with comfort medications that can ease some of the symptoms you are experiencing. 

Medical Supervision

Drug and alcohol detox centers in Florida will monitor for dangerous complications of detoxing. While the majority of substances will create some discomfort, detoxing from alcohol can have dangerous health consequences, including seizures and death, if not monitored by medical professionals. Other substances, such as opioids, can lead to health concerns if symptoms, including sweating and diarrhea, can create health concerns when combined.

Aftercare Planning

Before you complete a drug detox in Florida, your Counselors will work with you to develop an aftercare plan. Similar to your treatment plan in the detox program, your aftercare plan should be individualized to address your unique needs. 


Depending on your needs, aftercare planning can include continuing your addiction treatment journey in an inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment program. Your mental and physical health will also be considered, and you will receive proper dual diagnosis and medication-assisted treatment if appropriate. Your counselors will work with you to locate local treatment providers and work with you to initiate contact. You may even be able to schedule your first appointment before leaving the detox center. 

Other pieces of your aftercare plan can include peer-led support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Your counselors should work with you to develop a relapse prevention plan which can be used to help you navigate the expected and unexpected challenges you encounter in your recovery. This can include activities such as reaching out to your sober support, going to a meeting, exercising, meditating, and journaling.

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