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The state has a long-standing history of substance abuse. Unfortunately, the state’s drug problem rate is higher than the national average. This heightened rate of drug addiction has inevitably led to increases in hospitalizations over the years in Florida.

There are several Florida drug rehab centers in the area that provide addicts the opportunity to break free of addiction to lead a healthy lifestyle. Centric Behavioral Health is a group of Florida drug and alcohol rehab centers that provides clients with all the resources and support necessary to live a life of sobriety. At Centric Behavioral Health, we understand that no two addiction recovery journeys are the same. We offer various treatment options to help treat clients’ exact needs.

Florida Treatment Services

We work with most major insurance carriers.

Centric Behavioral Health facilities work with most major health insurance carriers in order to provide effective, accessible treatment options for substance abuse and mental health.

Addiction in Florida

Substance abuse statistics in the state of Florida show a troubling trend.

All statistics show the same trend: substance abuse and addiction issues are getting worse. Now more than ever, in Florida and across the country, comprehensive drug rehab centers are needed to combat the growing problem of addiction and illicit substance use.

Centric Behavioral Health is a drug and alcohol rehab center group with your needs in mind.

Finding Treatment in Florida

Even though the state of Florida has a substance abuse and misuse crisis, there is addiction treatment in Florida available for addicts to receive the support and resources to live a life of sobriety. Quitting drug use can be extremely difficult to do all on your own, especially if you are addicted to highly addictive substances like opioids. This is because withdrawal symptoms can make it hard to overcome your addiction.

Centric Behavioral Health is a Florida drug rehab group where addicts can go to break free of their addiction.

Centric Behavioral Health’s team of addiction professionals provides compassionate, comprehensive care for clients wherever they are on their recovery journey. The addiction specialists use a holistic approach to provide clients with all the resources and support necessary for a long-term life of sobriety.
Centric Behavioral Health provides countless programs and therapies so clients can receive tailored treatment plans according to their exact needs. The center’s alcohol addiction treatment program provides various in-depth treatments, from recovery coaching to group therapy, mindfulness & medication, and more to end alcohol addiction.

Centric Behavioral Health also has a drug addiction treatment program to help those addicted to cocaine, opiates, heroin, and more quit using and start on their journey to recovery and sobriety. Once you overcome your initial withdrawal, the center provides a combination of treatments like equine therapy, family therapy, group therapy, and more, so clients can lead a healthy lifestyle free of drug addiction.

Other programs like our detox program, mental health treatment, partial hospitalization, and more provide clients with the specific treatment options they need wherever they may be on their recovery journey. Whether you are just beginning your recovery journey or looking for support to continue your recovery, Centric Behavioral Health is here to help clients.

Explore Our Floirda Locations

Centric Behavioral Health has multiple locations throughout the United States that are designed for your ultimate comfort while you seeking treatment for addiction and mental health disorders. Explore our current programs and continue to check back as we expand our locations in order to provide high-quality treatment to those who need it most.

Southwest Ranches, FL

Reign Residential Centers

Reign Residential Centers location in Southwest Ranches, FL offers boutique residential treatment with all private rooms through evidence-based programming.
Reign Residential Centers

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Prevail Recovery Center FL

Prevail Recovery Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL provides expert outpatient treatment for substance abuse and dual-diagnosis conditions.
Prevail Recovery Center FL

What to Look for in a Florida Drug Rehab Center?

Finding the right Florida drug and alcohol rehab center for you and your addiction needs is essential. To find addiction treatment in Florida, research treatment centers near you and explore their treatment services. Once you’ve found a drug rehab center that aligns with your addiction recovery needs, consider contacting the facility to learn more about their services and to see if they accept your specific health insurance. This is also a good time to see how much your health insurance will cover your addiction treatment.

If you are unsure about specific facility characteristics, here are some top factors to look for when searching for your addiction treatment center.

Experienced Professionals

It can be hard to try quitting your addiction all on your own, especially if you don't have the knowledge or support to guide you through your recovery journey. When looking for the right treatment center, ensure there is a team of addiction specialists who can provide you with both honest, non-judgemental support and resources. While no two addiction recovery journeys are the same, experienced addiction professionals will have both the knowledge and expertise essential to help you successfully quit your addiction and embark on your long-lasting road to recovery.

Multiple Treatment Options

Find an addiction treatment center that offers a wide range of programs and therapies. This will ensure you receive individualized treatment options fit for your exact needs and meet you where you're at in your recovery journey. Check to ensure the drug rehab center offers programs for your exact addiction concerns. For example, if you are suffering from alcohol addiction, check to ensure the treatment center has a specific treatment program for alcohol addiction.

Modern Facilities

Addiction recovery isn't easy; that's why it's essential the treatment center you go to is top-notch when it comes to safety, professionalism, and providing a tranquil environment. This will help you not only feel more comfortable at the treatment center but you will be able to focus fully on your recovery journey.

Individualized Treatment

No two recovery journeys are the same. Individualized treatment plans are crucial, so you receive the exact treatment you need to lead a life of sobriety. For instance, some patients may have a dual diagnosis and need both addiction and mental health treatment. However, other clients may only need addiction treatment.

If you are looking for a Florida drug and alcohol rehab center that offers the above factors and more, look no further than Centric Behavioral Health.

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Centric Behavioral Health offers comprehensive care for clients to receive unique treatment plans to successfully live a long-term life of sobriety. Whether you are just starting your addiction recovery journey or looking for additional recovery support to prevent you from relapsing, we are here to help every step of the way.

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