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Humana Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Florida

With a history dating back to 1961 and currently providing coverage to over 20 million policyholders, Humana is a trusted name in health insurance. Centric Behavioral Health is here to assist you if you’re a Humana policyholder seeking a drug addiction treatment center. We proudly accept Humana insurance, along with most other major carriers. On this page, we will outline the treatment options available to you through Humana, explain why Centric Behavioral Health is the ideal choice, and guide you on verifying your coverage for treatment at our facility.

Treatment Options

Our world-class programs offer evidence-based treatment for substance abuse, dual-diagnosis and mental health conditions in boutique environments. From our expertly trained staff to our individualized treatment planning, when you choose one of our facilities you can trust you are in good hands.

We work with most major insurance carriers.

Centric Behavioral Health facilities work with most major health insurance carriers in order to provide effective, accessible treatment options for substance abuse and mental health.

Humana Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehab Options: Levels of Care

The different levels of care offered at Centric Behavioral Health provide varying intensities of addiction treatment programs. Selecting the appropriate level of care depends on your current stage in the recovery journey, outside obligations, and other relevant factors. Your Humana health insurance plan can help cover the costs of any level of care offered at our facilities. Let’s explore the various levels of care available to you:


, commonly referred to as "detox," provides a safe and comfortable environment for individuals to discontinue substance use while managing uncomfortable withdrawals. Our Humana drug addiction treatment center in Florida offers short-term detox programs, serving as a crucial first step in achieving sobriety. Many individuals choose detox as a preparatory phase before transitioning to another treatment program.

Inpatient programs

For the most intensive level of addiction treatment, our inpatient programs are the ideal choice. In inpatient drug rehab, you reside at our treatment facility for an extended period, typically ranging from 1 to 3 months. At Centric Behavioral Health's Humana drug addiction treatment center in Florida, our inpatient programs include extensive group therapy, individual therapy, recreational activities, and other evidence-based treatments. Inpatient treatment allows you to temporarily step away from daily life and develop the necessary coping skills for long-term success.

Partial Hospitalization programs

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) offer a step-down from inpatient care and represent the most intensive form of outpatient treatment. At our Humana drug addiction treatment center in Florida, PHP allows you to live off-campus while engaging in treatment activities on-campus for 6-8 hours a day, five days a week. PHP offers a balance between structured treatment and flexibility.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) provide a lower level of time commitment while still delivering comprehensive care. At our Humana addiction treatment center in Florida, IOP involves 12-15 hours of therapy groups weekly and individual therapy once a week. IOP is an ideal option for individuals who require flexibility in their treatment schedule while receiving high-quality care.

Other Outpatient Programs

In addition to PHP and IOP, Centric Behavioral Health offers a range of outpatient services. These include recovery groups such as 12-step or alumni groups, continued therapy, and medication-assisted treatment (MAT). These outpatient options often serve as step-down forms of care after completing another program.

Aftercare Planning

At Centric Behavioral Health, we understand that aftercare planning is a crucial component of relapse prevention. As you prepare to complete any program at our Florida Humana drug rehab, our team will assist you in developing a personalized aftercare plan. This plan may include continued therapy, support group participation, and other resources to support your ongoing recovery.

Reasons to Choose Centric Behavioral Health

Centric Behavioral Health stands out as the top choice for addiction treatment for several compelling reasons. In addition to our comprehensive continuum of care and compassionate team of experts, here are some key factors that make us the preferred option:

Client-Centered Approach

We prioritize a client-centered approach, recognizing that each individual's treatment needs are unique. Whether you enter our program at any level of care, we work closely with you to create an individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific circumstances. We understand that factors such as personal history, needs, and preferences significantly impact the effectiveness of therapies and treatments.

Specialized programs

Centric Behavioral Health offers specialized treatment programs designed to address the specific needs, stressors, and experiences of different communities and groups. Our programs cater to veterans, athletes, young adults, college students, first responders, and working professionals, ensuring that we provide targeted support to diverse populations.

Evidence-Based Treatments

We integrate evidence-based treatments supported by extensive research into our programs. Our approach includes therapies such as family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), music therapy, art therapy, medication management, and community support. Your personalized treatment plan will incorporate a combination of these evidence-based treatments or other proven methods based on your individual needs.

Dual Diagnosis Care

Recognizing that substance use disorders often co-occur with other mental health conditions, we offer dual diagnosis care at our Florida Humana drug rehab. This specialized care addresses both addiction and any co-occurring mental health conditions, ensuring comprehensive treatment and sustained recovery.

Recreation Activities

Centric Behavioral Health embraces a holistic approach to healing and acknowledges the importance of recreation in the recovery process. Our facility offers various recreational activities, including yoga, meditation classes, nutrition and fitness education, and on-campus sporting equipment. These activities contribute to your overall well-being and help foster new patterns of behavior that support long-term recovery.

Supportive Housing

Supportive housing, also known as "sober living," plays a vital role in the recovery journey. At Centric Behavioral Health, we provide supportive housing options for individuals in need of a drug and alcohol-free living space, whether they are enrolled in our treatment programs or not. Sober living offers privacy, freedom, and opportunities to connect with others on a similar path to sobriety.

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