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ADHD Treatment

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a relatively common neurodevelopmental disorder in children that lasts for most people into adulthood. When someone has an ADHD diagnosis, they may struggle with paying attention and impulse control, and they might be too active or more active than what’s considered normal. ADHD is unfortunately linked to a higher risk of certain complications later in life, including the development of substance use disorders.

Centric Behavioral Health offers ADHD treatment as part of dual diagnosis programs. Dual-diagnosis addiction treatment integrates treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders, which helps to improve recovery outcomes.

Treatment Options

Understanding ADHD

It’s relatively normal for children to occasionally have challenges with behavior and focus, but with ADHD, these problems are more pervasive and long-lasting. When a child has ADHD, they don’t “grow out of it.” The symptoms can worsen, causing problems at school and home, and ADHD, when untreated, can also cause social difficulties.

Symptoms of ADHD in children include daydreaming, forgetfulness, fidgeting, talking too much, and taking unnecessary risks. A child with ADHD might make careless errors, be unable to resist temptations and have problems getting along with others.

There are three subtypes of ADHD based on the most pronounced symptoms in an individual.

  • The first type is predominantly inattentive. In this presentation of ADHD, a person has difficulty finishing tasks and paying attention to details; they might struggle to follow conversations and get distracted easily.
  • In the predominantly hyperactive-impulsive type of ADHD, a person might fidget and talk a lot. The person might experience impulsivity and restlessness and interrupt others.
  • There’s also the combined presentation, with both sets of symptoms being equal.

Centric Behavioral Health understands the lifelong effects of ADHD. Our ADHD rehab center in Florida offers treatment for this co-occurring disorder informed by the latest science and research but also paired with a sense of compassion and understanding.

ADHD In Adults

We often associate ADHD mostly with children, but you can also experience it as an adult. It can negatively affect your work performance and relationships with others.

As an adult, you could make careless mistakes at work, forget things you need to do during the day and struggle with organizing your time. It could be hard for you to engage in activities requiring sustained attention, and you might often lose things like your phone or wallet.

An adult with hyperactivity and impulsivity symptoms might be extremely restless and have difficulty sitting for long periods. Adults with hyperactive symptoms of ADHD could fidget, tap their hands or feet, be unable to engage in leisure activities, and interrupt others. Adults with ADHD might not even realize they have it, but they could find that being productive at work or even getting ready for the day is challenging. An adult with ADHD likely has a history of challenges at work and in relationships.

It’s not uncommon for adults with ADHD to have other mental health disorders, including substance use disorders, anxiety, and mood disorders. Centric Behavioral Health is a Florida ADHD treatment center and rehab program. Our dual diagnosis treatment helps you achieve the best outcomes in your recovery by treating your mental health symptoms simultaneously with your substance use.

We work with most major insurance carriers.

Centric Behavioral Health facilities work with most major health insurance carriers in order to provide effective, accessible treatment options for substance abuse and mental health.

What Are the Causes of ADHD?

While researchers aren’t entirely sure what causes ADHD, they believe genetics likely plays a big role. Along with genetics, environmental factors such as the social environment someone is raised in and nutrition might affect the likelihood of developing ADHD.

Centric Behavioral Health is a leading provider of ADHD treatment in Florida. Our center and providers can diagnose mental health disorders or treat disorders you’ve already been diagnosed with, so you can have the most comprehensive treatment. 

Treating ADHD

Typically, medication is used for the treatment of ADHD. Stimulant medications are effective but have side effects and are potentially addictive. There are also non-stimulant medicines, and sometimes antidepressants are prescribed to adults with ADHD.

When therapy is added to an ADHD treatment plan, it can help you deal with challenges in your daily life. Therapy is considered especially helpful for ADHD that occurs with depression or other psychiatric disorders.

Psychotherapy, like cognitive behavioral therapy, can help adults with ADHD be aware of their challenges and work on developing skills and coping mechanisms to overcome these.

At Centric Behavioral Health, a Florida ADHD rehab center, clients learn how to manage their symptoms effectively in a dual diagnosis program that can include a combination of group and individual therapy, life skills training, and medication management.

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ADHD and Addiction

A significant percentage of adults with ADHD also have a substance use disorder. A severe substance use disorder is known as an addiction.

There are various reasons why ADHD and addiction tend to, unfortunately, occur together.

First, when someone has ADHD, they might have lower dopamine levels in their brains, which is thought to be a biological factor contributing to the disorder. When you have lower dopamine, you might turn to drugs or alcohol to increase your levels and make up for it. This creates an addiction risk.

When someone has ADHD, they might also try to self-medicate to deal with their symptoms or the effects of the disorder on various parts of their life. When someone has ADHD, since it so often affects school, work, and relationships, it may leave them with low self-esteem, leading to substance misuse and, ultimately, addiction.

Some people become addicted to the medications used to treat their ADHD, or they might use substances to counteract side effects. For example, a person could develop an addiction to alcohol or benzodiazepines that they use to try and relax after using stimulant medication.

A dual-diagnosis treatment program can help someone with ADHD and addiction by changing the destructive thoughts and behaviors contributing to substance misuse. A dual diagnosis program will help a person build self-esteem and a sense of internal motivation. Through medication therapy and behavioral therapy, they can learn how to control their ADHD symptoms more effectively.

Dual diagnosis treatment can help identify triggers contributing to substance use and impulse management, and family therapy and programs can help your loved ones learn more about your ADHD.

The largest goal of a dual diagnosis program is to help you change your responses and deal with your triggers while you’re in recovery. A dual diagnosis program can help you learn how to live a functional, fulfilling, and healthy life without substance use.

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