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Types of Aftercare Planning
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The Florida Health Barometer was comprised by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration with information from the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health and the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services. This report showed that there was a decrease in the number of individuals who were enrolled in substance abuse treatment programs in Florida in 2019 when compared to previous years. 

Of the individuals who received treatment in Florida and Tennessee for their substance use disorder, 51% were only using drugs. 35.6% of individuals were using alcohol and drugs, while only 13.3% of individuals presented with an alcohol use disorder alone. 

Aftercare treatment is a term used to describe different forms of outpatient treatment programming. Aftercare programming typically refers to outpatient treatment that you receive after a more intensive form of treatment, such as a residential rehab or intensive outpatient program. 

Addiction aftercare in Florida can include recovery groups, continued therapy, and alumni groups. 12-step groups may be incorporated into an aftercare plan; however, these are peer-led groups which means that they are different than the other forms of aftercare programming listed. 

Recovery groups are a form of addiction aftercare in Florida and Tennessee that can take place in an outpatient treatment facility. Recovery groups can vary in the frequency that they meet and the length of time that you participate in the group. Some outpatient addiction providers offer different stages of recovery groups to reflect the progress you have made in your recovery. 

Alumni groups are often offered by inpatient treatment providers. Alumni aftercare in Florida is available in these programs for individuals who have completed the available inpatient treatment program. 

Continued therapy as a form of aftercare treatment in Florida and Tennessee can include individual or another form of group therapy. This aftercare treatment option can be a good fit for individuals living with a mental health concern in addition to their addiction, also known as a dual diagnosis. 

While 12-step meetings, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, are not forms of professional treatment, they are often incorporated into relapse prevention programs in Florida and Tennessee. 12-step meetings can provide sober support, guidance, encouragement, and accountability in your recovery. 

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How Does Aftercare Support
Long-Term Recovery?

Aftercare treatment in Florida and Tennessee is often recommended and encouraged to individuals who have completed an inpatient or intensive outpatient program. Addiction aftercare in Florida and Tennessee can provide you with a continued source of support while you navigate the beginning stages of your recovery.

Inpatient treatment and other forms of intensive addiction treatment often provide you with a structured approach that incorporates treatment for different aspects of your life that were impacted by your addiction. As an example, while in an inpatient rehab program, you may spend time exploring new hobbies and interests that you can incorporate into your recovery. When you leave these intensive treatment programs, you typically return to your home environment, where you may not have the structured routine you have become accustomed to while in treatment. This can lead to boredom and other situations that can act as a trigger. 

Addiction aftercare in Florida and Tennessee allows you to have a structured form of treatment in your weekly routine. Aftercare treatment options can often be worked into your routine and other responsibilities such as work, school, and raising children. This ensures that you have time devoted to your recovery. 

Alumni aftercare in Florida can provide you with a sense of support and familiarity in your recovery. There is no denying that you will encounter difficulties in your recovery. Some of these are expected and can be planned for, while others are unexpected curve balls. By engaging in addiction aftercare in Florida and Tennessee, you can feel confident that you have a place to come and talk when you need support. 

An additional benefit to addiction aftercare in Florida and Tennessee is that you can continue to receive support for your concerns and offer support to others. Counselors who facilitate group sessions can help recognize signs that you may be struggling and provide the support needed. 

12-step meetings and peer-led support groups can provide support, encouragement, and accountability for your recovery. Peer-led groups can provide you with an opportunity to build your support network and connect with others who are in their recovery. You will meet individuals who have more time in recovery and those who have less time in their recovery, which can differ from what you may experience in recovery groups and alumni programs. 12-step groups also focus on working through steps that can help you in your recovery. You would work with a sponsor to address any lingering shame and guilt you are carrying, as well as recognize that you are powerless over your addiction. 

Do Rehab Programs and IOPs Help Plan for Aftercare?

Addiction aftercare in Florida should be discussed with you before you complete your drug rehab, PHP, or IOP. Aftercare plans should be made with the collaboration of yourself, your counselor, and other medical or mental health professionals involved in your care. These plans should provide you with a roadmap for your recovery. This often includes relapse prevention programs in Florida that can support you in your recovery. 

When you work on your aftercare plan, your treatment team will reflect on the progress you have made thus far in your recovery and the goals that you are still working towards. From here, they will discuss their recommendations for you. The recommendation you receive will vary depending on your unique needs. 

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The Importance of Aftercare

Addiction aftercare in Florida and Tennessee can include recovery groups, alumni groups, continued therapy, 12-step groups, medication-assisted treatment, and dual-diagnosis treatment. Medication-assisted treatment would be appropriate for individuals who have been prescribed medications to support their recovery and other mental health needs. If you participate in a recovery group or alumni program, you may have access to a prescribing physician in the same facility who can provide you with medication-assisted treatment. 

If you have been receiving dual diagnosis treatment in an inpatient or IOP setting, you may be encouraged to continue receiving support for your mental health needs. For many, symptoms associated with mental health concerns are intertwined with our mental health, so continuing in treatment can provide you with the necessary support for maintaining your recovery. 

The overall goal of addiction treatment providers is to provide you with the tools needed to maintain a healthy recovery. Addiction aftercare in Florida can provide you with an invaluable source of support in the beginning and later stages of your recovery. Just as everyone has differences in the development of their addiction, you will likely have different needs in your recovery. Continued treatment should be viewed as a resource that can support you while you navigate your recovery. 

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