What Are the Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction?Substance AbuseWhat Are the Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction?

What Are the Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction?

Recognizing prescription drug addiction symptoms can help you or someone close to you make decisions about recovery and treatment. Every addiction experience differs, but everyone can get help with Centric Group.

Signs of prescription drug addiction can take many forms. It’s important to note that most signs of prescription drug addiction don’t take place in isolation. You might notice in yourself or others multiple behavioral, physical, cognitive, and psychosocial signs all occurring simultaneously with no other explanation.

Behavioral Prescription Drug Abuse Signs

Behavioral problems typically involve mood swings first and foremost. After that, you might notice changes in behavior, such as no longer socializing with friends and family and not participating in once beloved activities. An individual might frequently be absent or late most days from work or school.

Other behavioral prescription drug addiction symptoms include lying and stealing.

Psychosocial Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

Some symptoms are related to psychological performance or social engagement. It’s not uncommon for pill abuse symptoms to manifest as feeling emotionally numb with no other explanation, having no motivation, or being irritable.

It’s equally common for individuals to display signs and symptoms of other disorders like depression or anxiety. You might notice the financial strain on yourself or others, with money being put toward more prescriptions or travel to multiple doctors. 

You might see multiple prescriptions under the same name or other names. In fact, “doctor shopping” is one of the most common signs of prescription drug abuse. This is where an individual visits multiple doctors outside of their network with the same complaints to obtain multiple prescriptions illegally.

Clients with signs of pill addiction might struggle with legal complications too. 

Physical Signs of Pill Addiction

Physical prescription drug abuse signs usually happen when someone is high or actively using. You might notice:

  • Impaired coordination
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Slurred speech
  • Tremors
  • Fever
  • Agitation 

Other signs of prescription drug addiction can include changes to sleeping and eating patterns. Depending on the prescription used, this can include sleeping too much or too little and eating too much or too little. You might notice unexplained and severe weight gain or loss as a result. 

Cognitive Pill Abuse Signs

Cognitive signs of prescription drug addiction are things you might recognize in yourself but can be a little more challenging to recognize in others. They typically include problems concentrating, disorientation, and confusion. You might notice things like:

  • Altered perception
  • Problems making decisions
  • Issues with reasoning or logic
  • Or a lack of good judgment 

How to Overcome Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction

With Centric Group, you can get multiple levels of care for signs of prescription drug abuse. We have facilities specializing in everything from full-time residential care to traditional outpatient care. 

Prescription drug abuse signs can be treated with a continuum of care. This continuum is designed as a step-down approach where you step down from one level to the next as you progress in your recovery. 

  • You might receive a recommendation for inpatient or residential care for severe addictions requiring medication-assisted treatment. 
  • If you have moderate signs of pill addiction and don’t need twenty-four-hour supervision, we might recommend participating in one of our partial hospitalization programs.
  • For programs equally as effective as residential, but with the freedom to live at home, you can treat pill abuse symptoms with an intensive outpatient program.
  • As you move through these levels of care and prepare to transition back to normalcy, you can learn how to avoid future prescription drug addiction symptoms and relapse with traditional outpatient care.

No matter which of these you choose, you can access a range of treatment modalities. Signs of prescription drug addiction could be linked to a mental health disorder, in which case dual diagnosis services might be the best option for you. Dual diagnosis treatment offers ongoing therapy and medication for substance abuse and mental health disorders concurrently. 

It’s not uncommon for people struggling with prescription drug addiction symptoms to also have mental health disorders such as anxiety disorders, depression, or PTSD. Some prescription drug addictions start out as regular prescriptions for mental health symptoms of ADHD or anxiety disorders. 

You don’t have to wait to get help. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you have about signs of pill addiction, treatment for prescription drug abuse, and how to move forward. When you reach out to Centric Group, we can help you find top-rated addiction treatment centers near you. Contact us today to learn more about addiction treatment services in Florida and other areas near you and how to find the best level of care for your needs.