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How to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is a serious problem. About fourteen million people misused prescription medication in the last year. Call Centric Behavioral Health today to find outpatient rehab in Florida.

Why Pharmaceutical Drug Abuse is a Problem

Why is the abuse of prescription drugs such a problem? Because people are given prescriptions very easily for pain relief, insomnia, or other medical concerns, each containing highly addictive compounds. Things like benzodiazepines and opioids are some of the most commonly abused medications.

If you are worried about the abuse of prescription drugs, whether you have a history of addiction or not, you can always talk to your doctor about alternatives. In some cases, doctors might be able to provide prescription alternatives that don’t have the same health risks or addictive properties. But if not, there are still steps you can take to avoid medication misuse.

Know Your Side Effects

To prevent pharmaceutical drug abuse, you need to start by understanding the potential side effects associated with your prescription. If you know the side effects and, most importantly, the addictive risk, you won’t be caught off guard as easily. 

Understanding the side effects will help you determine whether the feelings you are experiencing are a normal side effect or indicative of taking too much. It is especially important to know the signs and symptoms of an overdose. 

Have an Accountability Partner

Knowing how to prevent prescription drug abuse means knowing that you might not be able to do it alone. Many people talk about having accountability partners for goal setting, where you have a person to whom you can turn who knows your current goals and can regularly keep tabs on whether you are achieving them.

The same concept has great applicability when it comes to preventing the abuse of prescription drugs. If you have another person who is aware of your prescriptions, how often you are supposed to take them, and how many pills you are supposed to take, they can keep tabs on your current drug use and recognize when you might not have as many pills left in the bottle as you should.

Pill Sorter

Little things can also make a big difference in preventing medication misuse. The abuse of prescription drugs is far easier if all the pills are in the same bottle because you can dump out a handful and, maybe, accidentally keep an extra pill out on a high-pain day.

Pill sorters are not just for older people. If you are worried about pharmaceutical drug abuse, you can use a set of pill sorters to divide the precise number of prescription pills you should take daily. This will make it much easier to grab exactly what you need for the day and make it much more obvious if you try to grab more. 

This is also something an accountability partner can be made aware of.

Third-Party Management

If you have a history of drug abuse and you are sincerely worried about your ability to avoid pharmaceutical drug abuse, one of the better ways you can figure out how to prevent prescription drug abuse is to have a close family member, partner, or spouse control the medication for you.

This person must be someone you trust who doesn’t have any history of drug abuse and someone who lives in your home with you. Under these specific circumstances, a spouse might, for example, keep your prescription on their nightstand instead of on yours or on their shelf in the bathroom instead of on yours and fulfill the role of providing your daily amount at designated times. 

Medication Misuse: What to Do Next

If you do have a problem with the abuse of prescription drugs, there are options for treatment. Many people benefit from residential drug rehab programs. While residing at the treatment center, these programs allow a full-time commitment to your recovery. Centric Group can help you find a luxury rehab facility that offers the amenities and services you prefer.

Prescription drug rehab centers can help you overcome an addiction, whether mild or severe, by starting with detox. Detox enables you to remove any residual compounds from your body and start on a clean slate. From there, you can participate in daily therapy involving group and individual sessions. Many high-quality facilities provide holistic care that complements the psychotherapy you receive. These sessions give you the skills to overcome addiction and achieve a fulfilling, sober life.

Reach out to Centric Group to learn more about avoiding pharmaceutical drug abuse.

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