How to Find Drug Addiction Help Near YouRecoveryHow to Find Drug Addiction Help Near You

How to Find Drug Addiction Help Near You

If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction and ready to get help, one of the hardest things can be figuring out where to find help for drug addiction, what kind of drug addiction help you can afford, and what level of drug addiction support you need.

Centric Behavioral Health Group offers top-rated addiction treatment centers designed for your needs.

Types of Help for Addiction

With Centric Group, we offer several levels of help with drug addiction. Our addiction treatment is divided into two categories: inpatient and outpatient care. Both are focused on helping you get clean and recover, but each comes with different benefits and features. 

  • Inpatient programs, sometimes called residential programs, are the highest level of care with a full-time commitment. These are meant for people with severe addictions and mental health disorders. 
  • Outpatient programs are part-time, with multiple levels of care. These are meant for people with mild to moderate addictions and mental health disorders who still need to complete personal or professional responsibilities. 

After you leave your treatment center, you can still get drug addiction support through the form of continuing care like twelve-step programs and sober community activities. These activities and meetings take place across the country, so it doesn’t matter where you are, whether on vacation, traveling for work, or moving to a new city.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, choosing the right level of care is imperative. The right level of care can more effectively meet individual needs and goals and increase the chance of success. 

Costs for Drug Addiction Help

Most people choose outpatient programs because they only look at the cost. Outpatient programs cost less because you aren’t covering the cost of rooms and food. However, when you reach out to our team, we can help you figure out if inpatient drug addiction support is best for you and, if so, what coverage you get with your insurance plan.

Insurance companies are required to offer coverage for basic mental health services, including substance abuse. Even if your healthcare coverage doesn’t provide inpatient services, they might still pay for some of your residential care, including any prescribed medications, detox services, and ongoing therapy.

We can talk to you about how to get help with drug addiction and cover any remaining costs.

Where to Find Help for Drug Addiction

If you want to know where to find help for drug addiction, turn to Centric Group. We have several locations across the United States and can connect you to the one most suited to your needs. 

The level of help for addiction provided at each facility is very similar, so if you merely want a location close to home, we can help you with that too. If you want somewhere far from home with increased privacy and confidentiality, we can help there too. 

Centric Group can help you find drug addiction help at different levels, including inpatient and outpatient drug addiction support. When you contact our team for drug addiction help, we can help you figure out where to find help for drug addiction that best meets your preferences and the right level of support.

During your initial assessment, we take into consideration things:

  • What substances you currently abuse
  • What substances you have abused in the past
  • How long you have struggled with drug addiction
  • How much you normally use
  • Your current level of physical health
  • Any mental health disorders you might have
  • Whether you have tried recovery in the past and how that worked for you

Understanding your history of drug abuse and recovery attempts is important in designing an individualized program. Our team works hard to consider what therapies or levels of care might have been insufficient in the past. 

For example:

If you only tried a short outpatient program, we might recommend starting with an inpatient program to give you the highest level of care possible. If you tried a program that only consisted of group therapy, we might recommend a more well-rounded program with individual therapy, group sessions, and holistic care. 

Let Centric Find Drug Addiction Support Today

Don’t let fear, money, or other worries stop you from reaching out. If you are ready to get help, we can go over your options in a confidential, free consultation. You don’t have to commit to any program; you learn more about how we can help. 
Call us today to learn more about our drug addiction treatment services in Florida.